tofum is an online resource that offers services in administration, accounting, law, customer service, translations,  and technical assistance in, for example, website builder support. We also run websites for companies. Whatever you need and where it is not required that we are in place, you can use us as your virtual assistant.

Are you completely new as an entrepreneur?

Then you should have a virtual assistant. Have you run a business for a while or even out of several years? Yes, then you should also have a virtual assistant. For example, do you want to expand into new markets? Create new products or services? Digitize your business? Grow or earn more? No matter what situation you are in, a virtual assistant can help you along the way. 

The virtual assistant (as a mentor) is a phenomenon that is said to have existed since ancient Greece and means that you have a personal advisor with whom you can talk confidently about your business and get help with tips and advice. Today it is at least as relevant and the reasons why all self-employed people should have a virtual assistant are several, here are some of them! 

Therefore, all entrepreneurs should have a virtual assistant

Alone is not the strongest - alone can be strong but together we become stronger. As a self-employed person, you only have yourself and it easily becomes both lonely and vulnerable in the long run if you do not surround yourself with people who support you on your journey. Alone is not the strongest but it is together that we become really strong. 

The power of the social network

Approximately 70 percent of all jobs are filled today through network contacts. Recommendations and contacts are a must for all self-employed people. Whether it's about bringing in new business, suppliers, employees or anything else you may need. Through a virtual assistant, you will reach even more people through her network and only that can be invaluable for your future business. 

Learn from the mistakes of others

We all make mistakes, it's hardly anything new. It is also not new that one learns best through one's own mistakes. But why settle for less than your full potential? The earlier you can get help discovering the risks you face, the better you can prevent them. 

The opportunity to be able to ask everything you are wondering about

We all have things we wonder about. Big and small. So, why go and wonder when there are experienced people who either have the answers or can help you find them? 

You will be able to succeed faster

Good advice is said to be expensive, but is it really expensive if the good advice can make your business grow more, earlier, and faster compared to if you had come up with everything yourself? It takes between one and five years to establish a business, depending on the type of company, conditions, and markets in question. Having a virtual assistant who can help you navigate both before and during the time you start up or implement something new will help you save both times, energy and thus help you succeed faster. 

With tofum you can test a virtual assistant for free and you do not commit to anything. Just contact us here:

- and when you have decided on a subscription, it only costs 500,- SEK per month VAT incl. There is no termination and you never pay for more than the last month, ie. the one you have already paid for.